And finally… departure!

Here we are… at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. The last couple of weeks were like going down a mountain on a bicycle!

Just two weeks ago I completed my To Do list: purchased last items, tested my new photo camera, got my vaccinations and finalized my website (thanks Capgemini Online Technology team). In China, each hotel where we stay needs a copy of my passport. So in case of printer problem or any other hassle in the morning, Paul asked us to bring 40 photo copies (I guess it’s easier to bring 40 copies rather then to try to find a printer in China…). Double checked my packing list and yes! everything went smoothly in the two 90 liter duffels, including spare bicycle parts, tent, first aid kit, sleeping bag and sleeping mattress.

Mariëlla organized a great High Tea party where family and friends joined for a last good drink. And although it’s ‘only’ four months, it’s great to see everyone before my journey starts. There are certain risks, something may happen, and although I don’t expect it will be, it’s good to have spoken to everyone. Just in case…

At the office, there are always last minute things to do: issues, problems, emails, meetings, share and finalize documents, tea breaks, approvals, events, Excel lists, more tea breaks, out of office message, new colleague’s joining our team, redirect phone calls, hand overs and handshakes! I guess it will take a few more days to ‘let it all loose’.

So, here we are, at Schiphol airport. Since bicycles are quite common in The Netherlands, I can easily purchase a ‘bicycle box’ at the ‘odd-size’ desk. I have to turn my steer 90 degrees, empty my tires a bit, put the complete bicycle in the box, and hand it over to the ‘odd-size’ desk again although it’s now a standard-sized package and not odd-sized anymore. Anyway, with my luggage being transported to the airplane, there should be nothing to worry about anymore.

With a last kiss and hug, I walk through passport control, and my adventure begins! See you later!



Silk Route expectations


And we’re off!

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  1. Amrita Mishra

    Wish you safe and wonderful adventure…

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