Taking time off and cycle across a continent has been such a great experience and joy that it wasn’t a surprise that I got quite excited about TDA Global Cycling’s tour across North America or the one across South America… And when there was the possibility to cycle across Australia and New Zealand, and visit my auntie in Franz Josef village, the choice was easy. Trans Oceania it was.

Preparations started about a year ago asking my employer to take some time off, which they found exciting and supported happily. Bicycle-wise I was OK with Biggles, and I started reading about weather conditions in southern Australia and New Zealand between September and December – sunshine, bit of rain now and then and around 20 degrees Celsius. So that could mean anything and it still had to fill my two 90 liter duffels.

The one thing I did know was that I needed to buy a new tent as the one we have wasn’t waterproof anymore (after 15 years). I also needed new shoelaces as the washing-line-emergency-repair lasted since the 2012 Silk Route journey and it would look silly if I would not have fixed new ones before setting off on another 4 month cycle journey. I am expecting another washing-line-repair, but let’s see how long these new laces are holding.

Ha, the other preparation ‘topic’ much asked about was about my training. Well, I have to say, I should have done more. Traveling to my customer every other week was not helpful, and after a month spinning classes at the gym I cancelled my subscription as it was more aerobics than spinning. And before I knew it, it was off to the airport – so yeah, other that the cycling into work no real training. Sometimes it happens…

Comparing to 2012, preparations went much smoother due to social media and online shopping. Reading online reviews was useful. Amazon was great for ordering a photo lens. After comparing prices, my new tent (newer version of previous tent) arrived within a few days. Comparing and booking a flight was done one evening on the couch. Checking if it was OK to bring my bicycle with me on the plane was no more than a few Twitter messages back and forth to Qantas. Filling in forms for TDA Gobal Cycling was done online. The only thing which required a long phone waiting and conversation was for my travel insurance – impossible to compare online and apparently not cost efficient. And with a big bicyle box and two duffels, I ordered a Uber XL who picked me up at home and drive me straight to Terminal 3.
What should I do with limited internet for almost four months?

Anyway, all sorted – ready to go!